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Imagine there's no Terran
It's easy if you try
No hellions among us
No vikings in the sky

Imagine all the races
Balanced equally

Imagine there's no zerglings
It isn't hard to do
No need to wall your ramp up
Cause zerg are OP too

Imagine all the races
Balanced equally

You've complained since the beta
And you've always been ignored
You hope some day Blizzard hears you
That’s what Heart of the the Swarm is for

Imagine there's no Void Ray's
Or DT's in your base
No need to use detection
Freedom for every race

Imagine there's no fighting
Only open space... (you hoo...)

You complain like a whinger
And you’re not the only one
But take away all the imba
And you’re left with Warcraft 1


from Viva La Dirt League - Complete Album, track released June 5, 2012




Viva La Dirt League New Zealand

We are the guys that make the Starcraft Music videos!

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